Land/Roof Survey

With our land and roof survey services, we support you to explore your potential to reduce your energy costs and contribute to a sustainable future.

Arazi & Çatı Keşfi ile enerji dönüşümünüzü en iyi şekilde planlamak için uzmanlarımız, arazinizin güneşe maruz kalma süresi, toprak yapısı ve topografyasını dikkatlice analiz eder. Optimum enerji verimliliği için en uygun yerleri belirleyerek, projenizin temelini sağlamlaştırmaktadır.

The roof of your home or business can have excellent potential for energy production. Our roof survey process identifies where your roof will best interact with the sun. By assessing your roof’s structure, slope and environmental factors, we design the best solar solution for you.

  • Working with a specialized and experienced team during the discovery process

  • Improving your energy efficiency with personalized solutions

  • Managing and supporting your transition to sustainable energy

Land/Roof Survey

The condition of the roof and/or the land is assessed by a team of experienced engineers. The assessment is based on certain parameters that affect the efficiency and safety of the solar system to be installed.

Shade Areas

Robustness of the Roof Against Heavy Loads, Leaks

Type of roof


Electric Panels

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