Yenelsis Energy Inc., established in 2019 and operating under the SolarAPEX brand, successfully implements turnkey solar energy installation projects nationwide in Turkey. With our experienced and expert team, we embrace the principles of environmental sustainability, offering innovative solutions to our country’s energy needs.

Our past projects have helped us increase our impact in the sector and earn the trust of our customers. Through the turnkey solar energy installation projects we have completed so far, we not only meet energy needs but also achieve our goals of minimizing environmental impact.

Our future goal as SolarAPEX is to go beyond being just a player in the renewable energy sector, to strengthen our position as an investor and rise to a leadership position in the industry. With projects across Turkey, we are harnessing our solar energy potential and making sustainable contributions to our country’s energy future.

With our progressive vision in the energy sector and customer-centric approach, at SolarAPEX, we aim to build the future of renewable energy together. We take pride in being a partner that contributes to a sustainable energy transformation.

In various regions of Turkey 400 MWP has successfully completed a solar energy project exceeding the installed power.



Field personnel






MWp EPC Portfolio

World's largest rooftop Solar Power Plant

Over a total roof area of 632,000 m2;

• 140 MWp installed capacity

• 116,525.00 kg carbon emission elimination

• Production equivalent to 83,000 households’ annual electricity consumption

• Annual energy production of 250 million kWh


From yesterday to today, we have been developing environmentally friendly projects all over Turkey, spreading at full speed. In this context, many of our customers continue to grow stronger with tremendous savings.

14 Cities, 80 Projects we are always among the best.

We are strengthening our power with Turkey's leading companies.

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