Huawei and SolarAPEX cooperate on 400 MW of solar energy

Huawei Turkey and SolarAPEX have signed a new cooperation in the field of solar power plants (SPP). Huawei’s products will be used in various projects of SolarAPEX within the scope of the contract, which was signed at the Intersolar European Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition and includes a total energy volume of 400 MW.

At the 2023 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Huawei took the first step of its cooperation with five Turkish companies in the field of energy storage systems.

According to the protocol signed on February 27 between Huawei Turkey and Liva Energy, Masfen Energy, Mensis Energy, SolarAPEX Solar Energy Systems, and ZES Solar, these companies will procure energy storage systems worth 2GWH from Huawei.

Huawei continues its solar energy investments and collaborations in Turkey. According to the protocol signed on February 27, Liva Energy, Masfen Energy, Mensis Energy, SolarAPEX Solar Energy Systems and ZES Solar Energy companies will procure energy storage systems worth 2GWh from Huawei. The products within the scope of the agreement will be provided to the relevant companies by “partnerEGS”, Huawei’s business partner in the field of technology and product supply.

According to the protocol signed between Huawei Turkey and partnerEGS and five energy companies, it is aimed to popularize solar energy in different sectors.

Regarding the cooperation protocol, Gavin Zhao, General Manager of Huawei Turkey Digital Power Business Group, said: “The world’s energy consumption continues to increase. The global energy industry is making great efforts to become more environmentally friendly by building a clean, low-carbon, secure and efficient energy system. We offer our stakeholders the latest technologies such as big data, cloud computing, internet of things and artificial intelligence to create a digital energy foundation and promote the comprehensive digital transformation of the industry. We would like to thank our business partners for choosing Huawei for digital transformation and energy storage systems in the energy sector.”

Alper Terciyanlı, General Manager of Partner EGS, said in his statement: “Energy storage systems play an important role in the clean and renewable energy transformation that has recently become prominent all over the world, accelerating this transformation and maximizing the benefits obtained. We are very happy to be the Turkish partner of Huawei, one of the biggest players in the renewable energy sector in the world, in energy storage systems and to have signed a framework agreement with five of our companies operating in the field of renewable energy. We believe that this agreement will be an important milestone for our country. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the process.”

Sinan Uzer, CEO of Liva Energy, said, “We were greatly affected by the earthquake due to our location. The importance of energy storage systems for the sustainability of energy has once again emerged. We prioritize quality and sustainability in the renewable energy sector, where we stepped in as an investor. We owe a debt of gratitude to other energy companies and those who will contribute to the expansion of the sector.”

Kemal Onur Karakuş, CEO of Masfen Energy, commented on the agreement: “We have made it our mission to contribute to meeting Turkey’s and Europe’s energy needs in a sustainable way in achieving the world’s ‘Net Zero Carbon’ target. We believe that the contract we have signed with Huawei, which stands out in the European and global market, for the establishment and safe dissemination of energy storage systems will be beneficial.”

Ismet Atalay, CEO of Mensis Energy, said, “Thanks to this cooperation, we believe that studies on energy storage systems will be carried out in a way to meet the needs of our country and in accordance with international standards. In addition, we believe that the supply-demand imbalance that may be caused by the increase in renewable energy resources will be eliminated and supply security will be ensured with storage systems. We hope that such collaborations, which we are proud to be a part of, will increase.”

Besime Özderici, Co-Founder of SolarAPEX, said, “Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy resources, there are difficulties in instant access to these resources, which reveals the importance of energy storage. Increasing natural disasters, especially due to climate change, have revealed how critical this need has become. We believe that our solution partnership and cooperation with Huawei on energy storage will benefit the security of energy supply both in our country and in the world.”

Stating that Zorlu Enerji is a company that is a candidate to manage the energy of the future by blending technology and energy, Zorlu Enerji CEO Sinan Ak said: “Our investments in energy efficiency constitute the most important part of our growth and future plans. In this context, we foresee growth in the field of new generation energy technologies, especially electric vehicle charging stations and solar solutions under our ZES brand in Turkey. I believe that this cooperation in the category of storage solutions, which is extremely important in providing flexibility in electricity systems and maintaining the supply-demand balance, will play an important role in achieving our goals, and I wish the best for our industry.”

Huawei Digital Power Business Group was established in June 2021 to reduce carbon emissions in energy systems and energy consumption. Launched in Turkey in the same year, the Digital Power Business Group continues to work with partners to develop new technologies in various industries based on open hardware and software resources, multiple collaborations with industries, and an open ecosystem strategy.

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